L’Occitane – A Peek at the New Gift Sets for Christmas 2018!

{I received these beautiful items for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my own – enjoy! :)}

L’Occitane has it going on for Christmas and the holidays in 2018! They have partnered with fashion house Castelbajac Paris for some very special packing for this season’s gift sets. To learn more about the meaning behind the designs, check out where I share about L’Occitane’s core values here.

Here is a little bit about the partnership from L’Occitane:

The starry, pop-art world of the Arty Fashion House and the natural, grounded world of L’OCCITANE have a few things in common… When the optimistic dreamer and the committed nature lover met, they focused on Commitments. Both had solid values that they wanted to uphold together. And so it came to be that the French brand, CASTELBAJAC Paris, lent its artistic flourish to L’OCCITANE’s brand Commitments. With a few dashes of colour and inspiration, it embellished the entire Christmas 2018 collection, finding the perfect words and motifs to tell the L’OCCITANE True Story.

And now, let’s see some of these amazing gift sets for the L’Occitane fan on your list!

L'occitane's partnership with Castelbajac Paris is beautiful and purposeful for the holidays!
L’occitane’s partnership with Castelbajac Paris is beautiful and purposeful for the holidays!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Christmas 2018 – L’Occitane’s Delightful Tea Collection:

I feel like this is the quintessential L’Occitane gift set, and I’m grateful to have received this limited edition collection.  The packaging is unique and eye-catching, a great collaboration between L’Occitane and Castelbajac Paris. The scent is new and light and enjoyable for all seasons. I love that this collection includes a lightly whipped body cream, hand cream, lip balm, and a new shower foam. The shower foam is nice, but the only drawback is that it doesn’t lather up a whole lot. Nevertheless, it leaves a nice and light veil of the tea fragrance on the skin after showering. I definitely have a new L’Occitane scent to add to my list of favorites!

L'Occitane's Delightful Tea Collection
L’Occitane’s new Delightful Tea Collection
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Mini Fragrance Collection:

Without a doubt, these have to be some of L’Occitane’s staple fragrances. I found that this is a perfect set for several reasons. One, it is a smart way to give these scents a try, without having to commit to the full-sized product up front. For me, it is always a plus to be able to see how a scent works with my own personal body chemistry. Two, these make wonderful travel bottles. They are TSA compliant with their size, and they are just easy to pack. Third, this mini set makes a great gift for the L’Occitane fan in your life: this price point makes this collection a really good deal. 

L'Occitane mini-fragrance collection for 2018
The mini-fragrance collection for 2018
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Delicate Cherry Blossom Treasures:

This is an awesome set of one of L’Occitane’s signature fragrances. I was excited when I received this set because Cherry Blossom is a personal favorite of mine. The fragrance is light and evocative of springtime. This set provides the tools for layering for a full scent experience: shower gel, body lotion, and eau du toilette. I enjoy having the hand cream that I can pop in my purse, and the soap is great for using or just having in the bathroom for a fresh whiff of fragrance. 

My favorite classic scent from L'Occitane - Cherry Blossom!
My favorite classic scent from L’Occitane – Cherry Blossom!
Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

Delicious Almond Collection:

I haven’t used many of the Almond Collection, and so when I received this set I was excited to explore some of these products. The first thing that I noticed was the pleasant scent from the shower oil – it is not quite like anything I have smelled before. It is lightly fragrance and pleasing, and I feel it can work well for both women and men. (By the way, the shower oil is best applied by hand or body pouf, not a washcloth, in my opinion.) I also enjoyed trying out the paste for a gentle exfoliation of my skin that left my skin feeling moisturized, not dry. The Concentrate is creamy and easily absorbed by the skin, especially right after a shower. All told, the scent and the feel of the Almond Collection have won me over! 

The scent of this Almond collection from L'Occitane is captivating!
The scent of this Almond collection from L’Occitane is captivating!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

To see the full holiday collection from L’Occitane, click here.

Have you tried L’Occitane yet? If not, which one of these sets interests you the most? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays..and happy shopping!


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