Lessons I learned from #MyMarchMarathon

I am so glad {and grateful to God} that I established this challenge for myself and completed it!  I’m proud of myself, and I have seen some good physical results from my efforts. There are some valuable things that I have gained from this experience, and so please allow me to share.

  • Being consistent is key. There is a lot to be said for “staying in the game” and doing even a little exercise each day. Those efforts, big or small, add up and make a difference. Keeping at it, even when you don’t feel like it, pays off well. I shed about 4 pounds, I feel stronger, and I am more aware of what it takes to walk in a healthy lifestyle.


  • Feeling stronger is its own reward. While I embrace the weight loss, I LOVE the fact that I have more strength and more endurance. This body is meant to carry me around in this life for a long time. I can do things in my lifestyle to push my body to do more , and it feels good.


  • I can do more than I think I can! When I started, I was sure that it would take me ALL month to get those 26.2 miles in on the treadmill. I was a bit intimidated by the goal, but I knew that I had to step out and just start. As the each day came, my confidence in doing this challenge increased, and there were days when I felt unstoppable. And on the days when I didn’t feel good or I was tired, I could still do a little bit, knowing that I was moving forward. In the end, I actually hit my goal about a week early!


  • Knowing when to back off is important. During this month, I experienced a sore heel, that time of the month, and feeling tired. I had to stay consistent while being wise in my approach. So, I would do a 1/2 mile some days, and I knew that if I took it easy, I could get in 1 1/2 miles another day. I listened to my body.


  • Fitness is a state of mind AND body. This challenge has helped to transform my body, and it   has given me a quite boost in my mind. I feel fit and I think fit. I see myself as strong and I pay more attention to how I take care of my body and what I put into it. No, I’m not obsessed with exercise or eating, but I AM more aware of my care of the house I live in  😉

I am grateful for #MyMarchMarathon, and I’m looking forward to my next undertaking. And please stop by the blog of my  challenge buddy, Margaret Salmond at MargsWorld to read how this challenge has helped to prepare her for her next Big one. She inspires me!

Thank you for following along with me this month, and I encourage you to challenge your body in your fitness journey!

Until the next challenge,




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