It’s That Time: My Christmas & Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

I have some fun Christmas gift favorites to share this year!

I really enjoy giving (and receiving) thoughtful gifts that are a little out of the ordinary. I want the recipient to enjoy the thought and the present for a long while after they have received it.

Every year I like to share some of my best find with you, my readers. This year is no different, and I’ve experienced some cool items that might fit the bill for some of the precious folks on your list 🙂

So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

I love sharing unique gift ideas for Christmas and the holidays!
I love sharing unique gift ideas for Christmas and the holidays!
Photo credit: D. Dean


These are my favorite (Oprah’s,too) go-to reading glasses! I discovered them for myself earlier this year, after figuring out that I was in need of some optical assistance in reading smaller print, lol I have always said that if I needed to wear glasses, they would have to be cute and stylish. Well, Peepers readers fit that bill to the tee. They offer a healthy selection of magnifications and different styles for everyone, women and men. The arms of the glasses flex, so they are good for those of us with slightly wider heads, myself included. And they just started their own line of readers that are also anti glare for all of us who are on computers a lot. I feel like you really can’t go wrong with Peepers 🙂

My go-to reading glasses, a great Christmas gift idea
My go-to reading glasses!
Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

Shazzy Fitness

Dance fitness is such a fun way to stay fit and lose extra pounds. Shazzy Fitness is a Christian hiphop fitness program that is faith and family friendly, and is for all ages. Kids, teens, adults, and mature adults can break quite a sweat dancing to the fresh music on these DVDs. I can engage both my body and my brain (as I learn new moves), and have a good time doing it as well. Win!

Designer Ears

These hoop earrings at AMAZING because they give you the look of pierced without having to pierce your ears! I had keloid scars for a major portion of my adult life, and once they were removed, I couldn’t pierce again. Regular clips wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t doll up and wear earrings period ;-( And then God blessed me to find these…a game changer in my life. Whether you have keloids or issues with your ear lobes that make it difficult to wear pierced earrings, Designer Ears are wonderful earrings to wear. They make hoops out of Sterling silver, and hand-craft the dangles to wear with them, so you can change up the look for every outfit.

Inspired Endurance

Is there a runner or athlete in your family? Inspired Endurance is a long-standing favorite of mine. I love to mark my moments in running (or walking for that matter) with jewelry to remind me of what I have accomplished.  Inspired Endurance has THE best pieces to celebrate running milestones, especially charms and bangles like these:

Tummy Team

In recent years, I have been tackling some comprehensive PT online to address core weakness, which can affect posture, strength, and overall health. Kelly and her team are amazing, and I have made some real strides in my recovery because of their fantastic regimens. For more information, read my reviews of Core Foundations and Core Integrations.


This is one for the fitness enthusiast on your list. I’m a bit of a techie – I love having my activity data right on my wrist. Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker is spot-on when it comes to tracking fitness goals, from steps to hours of sleep, and more. And it costs a fraction of what a Fitbit costs…yes!


Powerstick Clutch

My college kids love their phone wallets. They can carry their university IDs right there with their phones, and no extra purse or wallet is needed. Powerstick has come up with one better than that! I love all my Powerstick devices, and this one is no exception. The new Powerstick Clutch is a wallet and phone strap all in one. The Clutch is easy to attach – no prep work necessary. I just had to peel off the paper and stick it where I wanted it on the back one my phone. I was able to use it right away to hold my license, debit card and cash snugly, without concern for any of my items falling out. A bonus: You can attach it either way, so it’s for right-handed or left-handed people (like myself). And the Clutch comes in several designs – the one below is called Lines & Dots:

The Powerstick Clutch carries all I need with my phone!
The Powerstick Clutch carries all I need with my phone!
Photo credit: Dee Dean



For all the friends with Disney fans to buy a present for: Amanda makes her original disney-inspired pieces here *smile*! She makes custom pieces as well. Her work is a fun way to wear your love of Disney and the parks, and to relive the memories you have there.

The charm is one of my favorite Disney inspired spices from Heavy Metalz!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Le Motto

I believe words carry weight, and uplifting words encourage the soul. Le Motto is a company that I’ve found that gives me wearable uplifting thoughts that others can read. We all can get encouraged from these tees and tanks!

Using your words to build up...thanks Le Motto!
Using your words to build up…thanks Le Motto!
Photo credit: Dee Dean


Waxing Kara

You all know that I love me some natural beauty products. In fact I am always in search of lip balms that put only good things on my lips and thus into my body. offers an amazing honey-based Balm that helps to drawn moisture TO my lips and hold it there.

Keeping my lips moist with the honey in this lip balm by Waxing Kara!
Keeping my lips moist with the honey in this lip balm by Waxing Kara!
photo credit: Dee Dean


I encountered my first Votivo candle while on vacation in West Palm Beach a few weeks ago. The Eau Palm Beach commissioned Votivo to make a candle scent that is only available there at the resort. Every time I light the wick, I’m taken back to the waves and the sand and the salt air…beautiful!

Sphero (at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Looking for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? check out this new little BB unit from Sphero. BB-9E is the newest droid in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My family and I have had big fun using the app on my phone to make him roll through our living room and do tricks!

I hope that you have enjoyed my list, and that it gives you some helpful gift-giving ideas. What are some of the most unique gift ideas that you have ever found? I’d love to hear your finds in the comments below!

Getting ready for Christmas,


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