It’s my birthday! A couple of fun Disney facts from this day in history ;-)

Hey all! I was having some fun search for Disney things that happened on this day, my birthday. Here is what I found for the very year I was born! It is an excerpt from

Enjoy as I did!



During a press conference at the Ramada Inn on Highway 50 in Ocoee, Florida (a little
suburb on the outskirts of Orlando), Donn B. Tatum (president of Walt Disney World
Co.) details the more than 3 years of planning for a “Destination Vacation”. It has been two
years since special legislation was passed to allow Disney to build its Florida project, and now the Disney
Company has rented out the entire Ramada Inn for Walt Disney World’s official first press event. A large circus tent
outside the hotel is filled with models and artist renderings of Walt Disney World for this three-day gala. Among the
Disney officials in attendance is Walt’s brother Roy O. Disney and Disney publicist Charlie Ridgway. A 16-mm 17-
minute film titled Walt Disney World – Phase 1 is screened at the Parkwood Cinema Theater. It shows the master
plan and artists’ depictions for a theme park (which will open in 1971).

On this same day, RCA releases a press kit to the media explaining their role in the
creation of Disney World. RCA is set to create and produce the computer and communications infrastructure
for the entire Disney World project. The system, named WEDCOMM–Walter E. Disney Communications Oriented
Monitoring and Management System, will establish the first 21st Century information-communications system as a
total service for guests, residents and management. The system will link computers, telephones, automatic
monitoring and control devices, mobile communications and television in a multi-faceted network capable of
expansion as growth demands. (The ambitious plan will vanish quickly, at least from public view, when RCA sells
its computer division to Sperry Univac in 1970.)


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