One-Night Event: Thursday FEB 23: “Is Genesis History?” Documentary Tackles Big Questions

On both sides, discussions of life’s origins quickly turn “us vs. them.” In the exciting new documentary, Is Genesis History?, Director Thomas Purifoy Jr. takes another road, making a positive case for the Book of Genesis as history based on specific, understandable evidence. 

In the exciting new documentary, Is Genesis History?, Dr. Del Tackett (creator of The Truth Project) leads audiences on a remarkable journey through evidence from renowned scientists and Bible scholars that supports historic claims in the Book of Genesis.

About “Is Genesis History?”

Traveling across the continent, Dr. Del Tackett talks to experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology, the Bible and more—seeking answers to centuries-long questions surrounding the book of Genesis:

  • Was the universe created in six literal days?
  • Did humans evolve?
  • Were Adam and Eve real?
  • Was there a global flood?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?

From immense available evidence about our origins, two histories arise. But which is correct? Is Genesis History? presents a positive, evidenced-based case for the Bible’s historical reliability.

In movie theaters for one night: Thursday, February 23, at 7 pm local time. To purchase tickets online, go to or to participating theater box offices. A complete list of theater locations is at the Fathom Events website.

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