iOS 8: my first impressions

Okay, so I downloaded the new iOS 8 update yesterday. I had heard that there would be a lot of small changes that would add up to one overall big change, so I wanted to experience it for myself.

Now, I am in no way a techie or an expert, but I DO notice changes and things that are different. Here are some of my first observations:

– the fonts for the words in email and the camera are bigger

– some of my contacts are displayed across the top of the screen of my phone

– two new apps, Health and Tips, automatically downloaded with the update

– texting is a whole ‘nother level, beyond autocorrect (prefills with word options)

– now you can swipe email to the right to see the “mark as read” option, to the left for “flag” and “trash”

– and there is a new “time lapse” feature on the camera which bears looking into

For those who have downloaded iOS 8, what changes have you noticed? Which are your favorites? Let me know what you think 😉

Here’s to upgraded technology!


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