Our imperfections make us unique

I really enjoy looking at smokey quartz, its color just fascinates me.

However, do you know what I find even more fascinating? It’s the fact that this wouldn’t have the color that it has if it was just pure quartz. Like the article mentions below, it is because of the impurities, inclusions, and/or radiation that this gem looks as beautiful as it does. Smokey quartz owes its rich color to its……imperfections.

That speaks to me. The “quirks” of this gem make it disntictive and stand out. My quirks do the same for me, your quirks do the same for you. We STAND OUT because of the subtle differences in who we are. How boring it would be if every quartz…every person….looked the same. How rich God has made life to be because He has included things that are different in each one of us: different passions, perspective, likes, interests, sizes, looks, creative expressions……wow.

Each of us is a different and beautiful gem like this quartz. I can’t have anyone else’s sparkle and shine, strengths and power, and neither can you. But I CAN embrace what God has given me and express it. For His glory. Compare less, and express more. <3

Photo credit: The Earth Story, Sephira Minerals


Here’s to always being the “you” God created you to be!

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  1. Am interesting post! Thanks for sharing. Smokey quartz certainly looks quirky!

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