I’m a Runner-Up, Yay! 

I’ve never entered any type of fitness challenge before. Ever. So would you believe that the first one I DO enter, I am selected as a runner up in my category? Pretty cool! ??

It was a 60 Day T-Tapp challenge, and I did it from Feb 15 to April 15. I had just ordered my first set of DVDs, and I thought, I might as well jump on in and enter the challenge too.

I’m kinda glad I did for a couple of (okay, four) reasons. One, it kept me motivated and accountable. Two, the challenge forced me to stick with it, even though I didn’t see the drastic changes that I wanted to see right away. Three, I learned to make doing these workouts a habit, a routine. And four, I saw for myself, in my own body, that I made progress and change!

Check out my #ttapp results and my story here: http://bit.ly/DeesTTappresultsRunnerup 

I posted my pics of my front here, but the pic of the changes from the back speaks for itself ?

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