I need a moment….

This was me last week. Has anyone else felt like this? Do tell in the comments below. We are all in this together! 


I need a moment.

Things are starting too go way too fast for my liking. I am sitting here at the University of Richmond with Dominique, do our first official college visit. Mind blown.

Tre is wrapping up his Freshman year at our local community college. He has made the transition from home education to his collegiate experience superbly. And there are more exciting transitions to come.

Adia and I are closing in on the end of her freshman year of high school. And we just talked about how she will be starting to learn to drive by the end of this year.


I need a moment.


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  1. Dee, I don’t have kids and I can only imagine what it feels like to watch them grow up so quickly. I know you are an amazing mom and I’m proud to call you a friend! Keep enjoying every moment. 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks Nic! I feel the same 😉 Yes indeed, it has gone by quickly. Glad to slow down and do just that.

  2. Meanwhile, in kindergarten. … I need a moment, too. What a crazy backward, upside-down life! No JMU? 🙂

    1. I know you do too Amy! Hehe…Dominique is trying to NOT go to JMU. Dad works there, too many folks know him, etc. she did like the campus visit. And Tre wants to transfer there, so there is still hope for the purple and gold!

  3. There will be Many More “Moments”. Good ones. Some will bring wonderings of, “Where did the time go?”, and some… “Oooohhh How Blessed Are We!!!”

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