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I was invited to become a member of for the purposes of reviewing the site. I will be compensated for my purchase. All opinions expressed are my own.

I enjoy shopping online. Furthermore, I enjoy scoring a great deal on a quality item. eBay has had my membership since 1999…I just love the thrill of the chase!

So when I was asked to take a look at, I was intrigued. The gist of Higgle is to make a bid (a “higgle”, a word for haggle from the old west) and invite people via social media to be a part of the deal that I’m getting. If a certain number of people join the higgle to get that item for that price, and the offer is accepted, all in the higgle can get it for that price. It’s haggling and bidding and the power of social media all rolled into one.

Here are some of my first impressions:

– It takes a bit of reading/playing around with the site to get the hang of it

– Right now the number and variety of items is limited. I expect that that will change as the site gains traction.

– Once you find an item that you want to purchase, the manufacturer’s recommended price is listed. You can then put in a “bid” for less than that amount, but only by so much. If the bid is too low, it will let you know:


– The lower you bid (within reason) the greater the number of people need to join your higgle:



– A higgle lasts just three days. Either enough people have joined the higgle and you get the item for your bargained price, or enough people haven’t joined, and a counteroffer is given from the seller.

I found some fun and unique items to barter on, and the Higgle site makes it fairly easy to share your higgle on Twitter and Facebook. The only thing that I don’t care for is that once you create a higgle, there is a temporary hold placed on the card that you will use to pay for the item should you win. Otherwise, my experience on Higgle has been a fun adventure, and and it offers a new way to shop. I look forward to seeing them add more items to bid on to their site.

Joining is easy: just visit (you can click through the Higgle logo below) and sign up with your email or Facebook. Once you join, you can create a higgle and share on your own social networks. It’s an easy way to encourage others to join your higgle and get the deal you want!

Happy bartering,



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