A Girlfriends Getaway at Disney…SO Much Fun! #WaltDisneyWednesdays

{I was generously hosted by Disney for the TMOM retreat & first half of this trip. All opinions expressed are my own….enjoy!}

I think that we all know that Disney is an absolutely fun place for families and kids to go and vacation. There are rides, shows, characters, great food…..the list goes on. What you might not know is that Disney World is a fabulous place for an grownups-only trip.  My sis and I just had our first girlfriends getaway experience, and we had a ball!

Girlfriend getaways at Disney are fun and memorable
We are about to have big fun at Disney World!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Our Adventure Begins

So, our adventure started with my (first time) attendance at our annual TravelingMom retreat. Disney hosted us there on property, and we had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the Beach Club Resort. (More about that in just a few!)

getting ready for the TMOM retreat. Work and play at Disney!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

My family was not able to accompany me, and so I chose to invite my sister (okay, technically she is a really good friend who is like a sister to me) to be my Plus One. I was so excited that she would be able to go! She had a birthday in March and the retreat would be my birthday weekend, so my hubby suggested that we stay an extra day (my birthday) and make it a girlfriend weekend. Well, he didn’t have to say it twice, lol!

Our enjoyment began on our ride on the Disney Magical Express from the airport. We were like big kids! I personally love riding the DME for several reasons. For one, It is comfortable, clean, and it smells nice. Two, I don’t have to drive the 40 minutes or so from MCO to my resort. Three, it is a complimentary service that Disney offers if you fly into MCO on one of the participating airlines. And four…it takes me straight to Disney, YAY!

We are excited to ride Disney's Magical Express!
We are excited to ride Disney’s Magical Express!
Photo credit: DD

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is Pretty Snazzy

The Magical Express coach dropped us off right at the doorstep of what would be our home for the next couple of days. The service we received was top notch. The cast member met us right at the bus and accompanied us inside for our check-in process. Instead of having to wait in line, we sat on a couch in the lobby as she checked us in.

The vibe of the Beach Club is casual elegance – just what we were hoping for. Our room was spacious and the view from the first floor was ….well, this:

A garden room view from Disney's Beach Club Resort!
A garden room view from Disney’s Beach Club Resort!
Photo credit: DD


Beach Club is a deluxe Disney resort, and it was my first stay there. It was busy but in a laid-back way, which I liked. It is also within walking distance of Epcot, one of my favorite parks. After checking in, we ate lunch at the Yachtsman Steakhouse (de-lish). As soon as we gathered ourselves after lunch, we felt like hitting a park, and so we walked right on over to Epcot. It was a hot walk, but a scenic and fun one, nonetheless.

The next Two Days: Work and Play

Since I was there for the Retreat, the next two days were workdays for me. For my sis, however, this was her time to be a kid and have fun 🙂 She had mapped out what she wanted to see on her own (as well as what we would wait to visit together). Her mini-vacation had begun!

I will stop here for a moment to share something helpful that I observed: a girlfriend’s getaway works best if each person has the freedom to enjoy the vacation in her own way. We didn’t feel the need to hang together every moment. It was refreshing to both of us to have that understanding between us, and we got to share what we did and experienced with the other.

Carlita enjoyed Epcot to the max, taking a lot of photos and riding some low-key rides. I got to hang out at my favorite park, the Magic Kingdom, while working on a project for my team. I also got to spend some time enjoying some sweet jazz Disney tunes at the Grand Floridian:

In addition, I was given the opportunity to tour the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, which is located in the Disney Springs resort area. It is considered a Disney resort, and is literally less than 5 minutes on foot from Disney Springs! (I know because I walked it myself after the visit. My Lyft didn’t show, and I had to provide my own transportation to Disney Springs, lol) They also offer regular (and often) shuttle buses to all the Disney Parks. I have to say that their room rates are excellent for families, especially for the Disney character experiences they provide, the room views, and the awesome breakfast buffet 🙂

Love that Mickey head at the Wyndham LBV!
Love that Mickey head at the Wyndham LBV!
Photo credit: DD

My birthday fun

After the TMOM Retreat, we stayed an extra day to celebrate our birthdays, yay! My actual birthday was that Sunday, our extra day, and we made it a day of fun. {By the way, we took a moment to relocate to Port Orleans French Quarter. I loved it! It was busy, but a very quiet resort, even with the groups of cheerleaders that were there for an international competition.}

A walkway view of Port Orleans French Quarter.
A walkway view of Port Orleans French Quarter.
Photo credit: DD

We hit Epcot early so that I could ride my favorite ride, Spaceship Earth, and do some shop-looking at MouseGears. Then we made our way over to Disney Springs to eat lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. Helpful tip: order your food thru their app, and just pick it up in the to-go line. It saved us at least 20 minutes of standing in line inside the restaurant.

We did some shopping at World of Disney and other DS shops, and then we were off to the Magic Kingdom via a bus ride. Our big treat of the day was a reservation at Be Our Guest!

Photo credit: Dee Dean

I had never been inside to eat before, and it was more enchanting than I had imagined it to be. The restaurant itself reminded me of the inside of the Castle, and the food was tasty. We even tried the grey stuff….delicious!

The grey stuff IS delicious, especially on your birthday!
The grey stuff IS delicious, especially on your birthday!
Photo credit: DD

At the end of the night, we saw one of the last showings of Wishes, which was very sentimental for me. I had always seen it over the years with my family, and to know that this particular show was coming to an end  caused me to take pause and appreciate the moment.

My Takeaways From My First Girlfriends Getaway

Here are some of my many wonderful thoughts about our adventures:

  • Fly on the same plane if you can and sit near one another…there is some serious funny stuff that you can bond over while flying.


  • Make each moment fun. You are on vacation with your bestie…how can you not have a good time? 🙂


  • Allow time for each person to have some “me” time. You don’t have to do everything together, and it give you more to share about at the end of the day.


  • LAUGH! My sis and I watched a short YouTube video while we were riding the bus, and we laughed about it until we cried. In fact, we still laugh every time we reference the video, even over the phone or by text. Laughter is truly medicine for the soul.


  • Take moments to talk about what is going on in each other’s lives. There is something about a fun and relaxed environment that makes for open conversation.


  • Eat good food, play, and ENJOY every moment. That is what getaways are for!


Have you ever done a vacation with just a girlfriend or 2? If so, I’d love to hear what you enjoyed most about it here in the comments. If you haven’t yet, are you inspired to do one? Let me know where you would like to go for your getaway with your girlfriends 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my fun! Here’s to more adventures that nourish the soul,




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  1. I’m so glad you got to enjoy Disney with your sister/friend.
    We’ve stayed at the Yacht Club and Coronado Springs, which were both amazing.

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      Thanks Joyce! We definitely made memories for a lifetime. And we hope to go again! Which did you like better, Yacht or Coronado?

  2. So now I want to go back to Disney and I just got home two weeks ago..Thanks lol. Sometimes you need girlfriend time away from the family to have a little fun and enjoy yourself. And honey it looks like you had a blast.

    1. LOL I really did Choya! It is definitely a different experience than traveling with the family. I enjoy each, but I’m so grateful I got to hang with my sis and BE the kid, know what I mean? 🙂 I hope you get to do a girlfriend getaway at WDW soon!

  3. We SO need these trips, don’t we? What an awesome experience. I am currently planning a trip with a girlfriend of mine and can’t wait!

    1. Yes indeed, Brittany…and I am excited for you! Will it be a summertime trip for y’all?

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