Getting Ready for 50: Going For the Gray

There are some things that take me a while to ponder: major life decisions, travel plans, redecorating my office, etc.  However, it took me only a few minutes today to decide to pursue a new journey with my hair…I’m going to embrace (all) my grey.

I went with a big chop to get rid of the color in my hair a wee bit faster!
I went with a big chop to get rid of the color in my hair a wee bit faster! Photo credit: Dee Dean

Why did I decide to go this route?

  1. (The biggie) I have noticed is that color changes the texture of my hair. I don’t have super defined curls at all, but I have come to love and embrace my texture. My stylist told me that sometimes permanent color acts like a texturizer on the hair. So if I need to refrain from coloring my hair any more to enjoy my natural texture, I’m willing to give that route a try!
  2. I am turning 50 this year, hurray and thank you Lord! This new decade is a defining one for me. I want to go into these next ten years embracing even more of who God has made me to be, and loving the changes that come with the years. 
  3. I suspect that I may have more pretty silver than I realize! Months ago, an older gentleman was standing behind me in line at Walmart. (I was probably in need of a color treatment and I had considerable gray showing lol) He called me a silver fox, and I wasn’t mad at him! My pretty gray is to be embraced – after all, I have earned it 🙂 

So, here I go, moving forward into uncharted territory. Check back soon to see my progress, as well as to read about some new hair products that I will be trying out as I care for my gray glory!

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