GEMM Eyewear: Fashion, faith & focus…& a special just for you!

{I received this product for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy!}

I have always said that if I ever have need of wearing glasses, the frames have to be fashionable and cute. Why? Because I consider glasses to be “jewelry for the face”!

Well, since I don’t wear prescription glasses, I get to apply my motto to my personal choice of sunglasses. I love a great pair of sunnies that add a taste of couture to my wardrobe, in both style and color.

Imagine my glee when I came across GEMM eyewear! My friend Jamie over at More Than Turquoise first peeped me to this lovely line, and I had to try them for myself. I chose the Monaco pair, in tortoise teal ombre . I knew the sunglasses would be fab, just from the photo on the site, but I didn’t know that their arrival in the mail would be equally as fabulous:


couture colors
couture colors
















Now, that is a presentation! And not only do they look good, but they feel good. These are a solid and well-made pair, and they sit well on my face, without sliding. {Note: the only thing that I noticed is that, as with most glasses that I wear, they can fit just a little snug right behind my ears. Other than that, pretty much a perfect fit:)} Check me out:

feeling quite fancy!
feeling quite fancy!
And only are they a great pair of sunnies, but they are customizable with interchangeable gems on the side:



It gets even better. GEMM is not just about looking good, but it is also FOR a good purpose. Founder and inventor Ros Gerrero wanted to create something more. In addition to crafting a line of eyewear that could be a versatile part of any woman’s wardrobe, she honors her lovely special-needs daughter Gem Marie (for whom the line is named), and she opens a door for women to be in business for themselves. Her website says it best:

 In an era of the modern mom and woman entrepreneur rage, Ros wishes nothing more than to empower like-minded women with an independent, social retail opportunity with GEMM™; where women can frame a fun & prosperous venture around their busy lifestyle or as Ros puts it, “Frame Life Your Way!”

Not only is GEMM a fashion-forward eyewear line, but it is a business opportunity for women who are prospective entrepreneurs! You can read more about the GEMMpreneur opportunity here.

And Ros enjoys giving back as well. She and her team give back to the special needs community through GEMM’s™ “Give Back” program.

I am so impressed with both the product and the mission of GEMM. I feel fabulous as a woman wearing my sunnies, and I love that this company is about giving back. It warms my heart that all of this springs from Ros’ strong sense of faith as well. Fashion, faith, and focus…its a winning combination 😉

And I want you to experience GEMM glam too, so guess what? The great folks at GEMM have given me a discount code to pass on to you, my readers, yay!!

For 20% off  your total purchase, use code Dee20 at checkout.

Have fun shopping! What GEMM sunnies will you choose?

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  1. I LOVE GEMM eyewear and am very pleased with the pair that I own. That fact that you can add additional BLING only ups the eyewear game. 🙂

    1. Yes, Jamie! Bling and quality product…win 🙂

  2. Great post! Thanks Dee!

    1. It was my pleasure, Ros! So glad you enjoyed it. May GEMM take off and increase!

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