Friday Tip: Making those fragrance mists last longer!

So, at $14 a pop, those Bath and Body Works fragrance mists are a little bit of an investment. Nevertheless, I get a lot in those bottles, and I want the pure smell to last for a while!

Well, I have figured out that exposure to light and heat degraded the smell until eventually the fragrance gets that alcohol-y odor that tells you it’s time to throw it away ;-( Is there any way to stop that from happening?

I think that I’ve discovered a simple way to do so. I store my bottles in a drawer in the bathroom so that they stay dark and cool. While I might not get to look at the pretty containers on my countertop, I can enjoy my fragrances (sans alcohol) for a long time. I started doing this over a year ago, and I have yet to have one go rancid on me.

Also, try and keep perfumes in their original boxes or away from light and heat for the same reason. Protect those investments and enjoy the smells for a long time to come!

Here’s to long lasting scents,


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