A fresh look: the ExerlyFit app!

{I received this wonderful app for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my very own..enjoy:)}

I am discovering that the best way to stay active and fit is to make it part of your everyday life. Fitness doesn’t have to be hard to be effective, and it has to be easy to do so that you can stay consistent.

Consistency beats intensity every time.

I am more motivated by programs and systems that I can incorporate into my daily routines as I get up in the morning, drive the van, unload the dishwasher, make meals, fold clothes…you get what I’m saying 🙂 And it’s the little things that add up to real results over time.

As a brand ambassador for Exerly, I want to share a little about this gem that I’ve found with you, my readers!

Exerly is an iTunes app that fits fitness into a person’s lifestyle. It is designed for busy people and is ultra convenient to use, and you can use it at home in your comfy clothes or at work in your business attire. The exercises are a minute each, and they target core strength, balance, and flexibility.



I usually choose Casual since I’m a work at home momma, but I do choose Formal from time to time to mix it up.







img_9949  img_9951Once you choose the workout based on the clothing that you are wearing, then you can select a video from Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced. Kahlee Shaff, the creator and founder of Exerly, will then demo the simple move and then do it with you for 1 minute. After completing the move (which never takes much space to do, whether in the office or at home) you can click the green “I Did It!” button. It keeps a running streak of the number of workouts you complete.




You can even get a mini trophy on the screen as a reminder of the progress you are making!




There is also a feature that allows you to schedule these “minute” breaks on your phone or device. That way you can make time for it in convenient or regular intervals in your day.

I am impressed by the difference that doing 1-minute moves once, twice or several times a day can make. I love having Exerly in my back pocket to help me stay consistent in my fitness journey 🙂

Please visit Exerly (via my affiliate link here <3) to find out more: Exerly.com/app/RefreshingTalk

from the website: With Exerly, we have a platform to motivate all of us busy people to unite and start a new healthy, happy exercise movement.

I would love hear what you do to incorporate fitness into you everyday routine…let me know in the comments below!

In it to win it in a minute,























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