Fragile World: A poignant insight into brokenness and restoration


{I was given access to this film for the purposes of viewing and review. all opinions expressed are my own, and I hope that they are helpful! :)}

Brokenness in one’s body is easily visible. Brokenness of the spirit and soul, however,  is not so easily seen. Yet, it is this area of  a human being that needs healing the most, and often it is a journey. Fragile World tackles what this journey is like, from many angles, it explores mental illness in a way I’ve never seen before.

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About the film:

Fragile World, an inspirational feature film from the makers of Leaving Limbo, centers on Rosalie, a lonely interior decorator with a history of delusions who falls for a dashing stranger who may or may not be real.

Sandy Boikian is the writer and director of this movie, and she wrote the screenplay while at her dying father’s bedside. Here is why she wrote this film, in her own words, and the effect that she hopes it will have:

I love story, I love storytelling. The premise of “Is he or isn’t he real?” intrigued me. I am not an expert in mental health. Everything I learned about that came while researching the script. My hope is to start a conversation about mental health among believers. I know Christians who struggle with depression and disabilities, but I haven’t heard the topic addressed in the church.


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Given the sensitive (and sometimes taboo) topic of this film, I wasnt quite sure what the approach on the screen would be. Nevertheless, I was surprised and intrigued, and it kept me guessing the whole time. This is not a predictable movie at all. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Fragile World slowly sets up Rosalie’s life in the beginning of the movie. We see what she presents as real, in her mind and in her world.
  • We get a bit of understanding as to how someone can function well in their professional life, and yet have overwhelming issues to face in their own personal life. 
  • Fragile World shares the joys and heart breaks that a person can face in the journey of his/her life, and how that directly affects their emotional and mental health.
  • The soundtrack is eclectic in style and appropriate for each scene
  • I was totally drawn into the story
  • Lead actress Chloe Russell gives quite a nuanced portrayal of someone teetering on the edge of delusional living. Furthermore, we witness the journey of those who genuine love and care for Rosalie, and how they navigate getting her the help that she needs.
  •  We get to see how lives can truly be put back together after having been broken in so many pieces, how God is Healer and Restorer of broken lives.

I love how a the medium of film can be used in such a powerful way, and I really feel that director Sandy Boikian’s hope for this movie is possible. Fragile World is poised to open up the conversation about mental health, especially among Christians. For more information on this film and the indie soundtrack, please visit the website: Fragile World Movie 

May this film be a vehicle for insight & healing for many!

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