For those who have issues with metal jewelry…

If you are like me, you really enjoy wearing rings (I tend to think that my hands were made to be adorned with standout pieces of jewelry!)  In fact, I prefer to wear my wedding band on my left hand, and a super, fashionista-esque ring on my right.

Nevertheless, I sometimes have to take a break from the gold and sterling silver rings that I really enjoy wearing.  They just, from time to time, bother my fingers.  What is a girl to do for rings during the non-metal times?

I have done some searching, and one of my newest finds is the handcrafted wooden ring:

In my case, I am looking to get a stand-in for my wedding band, as it is gold and has given me a bit a drama recently.  These rings are beautiful!  I can’t wait to order one, and I will let you all know how it looks and upload pics.

Also, one of my favorite sites is, and I have been visiting them for several years.  She has wonderful nonmetal jewelry that she makes and sells there as well.

I will update you on my adventure in the weeks to come, and remember:  we always have options! smile

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

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