Focus on healthy!

Well, friends, I am having to exercise…not because I get joy from it (although I will), but simply due to the fact that I NEED to. There are a few inches and one size that I want to lose, and, most importantly, I want to maintain the awesome health that I have been blessed to cherish and enjoy.

So…. what is going to be my singular motivation to go the distance? What will keep getting me downstairs 3 to 4 times per week, walking and running on the treadmill? What will get me looking forward to the spring (or later this week, according to my local weather report) so that I can run outside? Well, I can tell you that I have thought long and hard about this, and it is my conclusion that this will be my focus: being healthy.

After dealing with some fatigue and vertigo issues in 2010-2011, my health is something that I have come to treasure even more greatly in my life. The Lord gives us things that you just cannot put a price tag on…ever. Being strong and in excellent health is certainly one of them! I want to do what is in my hand to do by way of exercising, eating in a balanced way, and getting proper rest – my proclaimed 3 pronged attack.

Will I enjoy feeling and seeing the extra pounds melt away? Yep. Will I get a thrill out of shopping for new clothes in a different size? You betcha. Nevertheless, the best feeling I will have will be the one that I get knowing that I am taking consistent steps to care for my body, this earthen vessel, to enable it to go the distance for the long years of living I have ahead. It’s time to focus on healthy!

In His love,

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