Fitness is not about your scale

I am not telling you anything new when I say that we are a bit obsessed in this country with weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. I am in the process myself of working in a healthy way to shed some extra pounds.

However, we mistakenly equate being fit with weight loss. In fact, on the whole, we say that someone is fit if they are trim. If they have well-defined arms and legs, or a six-pack, we say that they are “fit.”

In reality, fitness is simply about being healthy and able to do what we need and want to do with this physical house that we live in. I need to be able to lift things without injuring myself, and to have enough stamina to walk and carry myself where I need to go. I need to be able to move fast if need be in a dangerous situation, and my core needs to be strong to hold up my frame properly. This is what I call being fit.

I have discovered that fitness benefits me in other ways that are not so intuitive. I enjoy traveling, and I was reminded recently that traveling takes stamina. Whether you are moving through the airport, standing in security lines, moving luggage quickly, or sitting in the middle seat in a full airplane, it benefits you to be physically and mentally fit. Traveling can be exhausting, especially long trips or trips with people you are responsible for, and it is best tackled when you and I are in good shape.

Being fit helps you to recognize when something isn’t quite right in your body, and it is helpful when your body is fighting off a cold or illness or injury. You bounce back and heal better and faster when you are in optimal shape, not just because you are skinny 😉

We can help others more if we are well into our fitness journey. There is nothing harder to do than trying to be a blessing to someone else when you yourself are compromised.

I am NOT saying that life stops cold if we are not fit. What I AM trying to say is that working towards fitness benefits each of us way more than just losing weight. Our bodies, our families, and our quality of life and service to others benefit. Now that is motivation for me to keep on track and keep moving for sure 🙂 What about you? What is your motivation to get/stay fit? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Staying on this fitness journey,



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  1. I agree! It’s not about the weight but how you feel! Being fit for one person is not the same for another. Good points! 🙂 I am working on my own journey as well! My motivation is being healthy so I can take care of myself and family. So that I can enjoy travel and adventure. So that I can live to watch my babies grow up!

    1. Avatar Denedriane Dean says: Reply

      Those are excellent motivations, Camille! It’s those long term benefits that make the effort worth it 😉

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