First person narrative: my day at the dentist

So….last Thursday I had my top wisdom teeth extracted. This was an appt that had been resched not once but twice, one time by the office and one time by the snow. So by the time the 20th came around I was ready. Well, almost ready.

In the midst of all the reschedules, I had been praying. Now, I don’t have a fear of dentists, and my experiences with them have been fairly good up to this point, in my almost 45 years on the planet. Moreover, my teeth have been so tight there in the back (top, both sides) that the idea of permanently removing these teeth was a welcome one. I have had to floss back there several times daily, have had to wait for popcorn kernels to dislodge themselves more times that I can remember, and I’ve even cut my gum with the floss once or twice because it was so difficult to get it between my teeth.

Nevertheless, I hadn’t had an extraction since like age 10, so wasn’t sure what to expect. And this pain wimp strong woman just wanted everything to go well. So I bathed this visit in prayer.

Fast forward to last Thursday. My appointment was at 9:40, and my hubby and kids were on point with their care of me 😊 I was chauffeured by my handsome dude, and we arrived at the office on time. (By the way, I pigged out on breakfast because I knew I wanted to have a full belly…AND NOT BE HUNGRY!) they called me back in, and it was on.

I won’t bore you with all the particulars of the procedure, but I do want to highlight a few of the many blessings I received in the moment to come. One, I only was numbed locally (I don’t care for being put under unless after absolutely necessary.) Two, God had told me to watch Him work, so I prayed, released it to Him, and watched Him work…and He did. Awesomely. My dentist was superb (he just replaced the one we had gone to for over 15 years…a very BIG deal that he did a good job, lol) and he was gentle and didn’t rush “Mrs. Dee” as he calls me. (Alas, I’m at that age that well-respecting 30 somethings have to attach title of respect to my name, haha)

Anyhow…where was I? Oh yes, number 3: one of my teeth was more reluctant to let go, having fused with the bone a bit. Nevertheless, post-Novocain, I have dealt with no pain, and only tiny discomfort, which is a big answer to prayer. I have slept well, and I’ve had time to recover on the sofa (and write posts). A blessed woman am I for sure, and I don’t take those blessings lightly. Thankful for the small things which are really big ones!

And then there are lighthearted and quirky things about this whole experience which I must mention to you:

– I need protein to feel full, so since I can’t chew on back teeth yet…Thus, I am HUNGRY, haha

– my menu has consisted of grits, fried eggs, cupcakes, yogurt, ice cream, bananas, and French fries…and oh yes, tea with no straw

– yes, that are ALL my choices for ALL meals

– I CANT chew gum…great big sigh

– crushed Lifesaver mints (mint powder as me and the kids call it) and/or TicTacs work WELL to keep breath fresh

– when I do brush my teeth, I have to “dribble spit” to rinse…lovely

– a kids’ toothbrush is small enough and helpful in cleaning the teeth closest to the extractions

– I want chocolate

All totaled, my day at the dentist and the recovery afterward have been blessed, and I have no complaints. To God be the glory for real. I just wanted to share…

Thanks for reading!


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  2. […] One week ago today, I got my top two wisdom teeth removed. If you missed my slightly humorous take on my adventure, you can check it out here. […]

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