Finding my voice!


I have always considered myself a math and science girl, not necessarily a writer. No….not ever a writer. Now, don’t get me wrong: I write well, I am a word bird, and I have character when I do choose to write. It’s just that I didn’t see myself in a place where I would ENJOY writing!
That being said, and in reference to the aforementioned “wow”, I am amazed that I am actually finding my voice through blogging. I have always known that I had something to say and that the Lord had gifted me with something to deposit in the world, and now I am finding that expression right here, in my own space on the web!

Whether I am sharing about a newly found product, or a touting new hair technique, sharing encouargement, or expounding on the Word of God, it’s all what I have been given to express, in the unique way I have been given to express it. This blog is an opportunity to speak in my own voice, and to have others share in this with me. How amazing is that?

I thank the Lord for this opportunity…I have found my voice! And I hope to encourage you to do the same,


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