Give the Gift of Empowerment: MUNIO Self-Defense Keychain


{I was given this product for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy:)}

As a woman and a mom, I think about personal safety more often than I care to admit. I am keenly aware when someone, especially a male, gets too close to my personal space bubble (or that of my kids.) I distinctly remember two incidents as a teenager when a male who was getting a little hot under the collar, stepped close to me inside my personal space in order to intimidate me. It was terrifying then because I did not know how I would have defended myself. I said a quick prayer and stood my ground, and nothing more happened…but it still made an impression on me.

Although I have not yet taken a self-defense class, I have to believe that a class like that gives women (and men) practical ways to defend oneself. From what I have seen depicted on TV and in movies, this kind of class teaches you to stay calm and think fast on your feet. You are taught to use what is available to you at the moment to ward off a would-be attacker.

MUNIO self defense
The MUNIO designer self-defense keychain.
Photo credit: Dee Dean

About MUNIO Self Defense Keychain, from its Inventor:

MUNIO means “I protect” or “I defend” and was created by a licensed self-defense instructor. Hear what powerful words Inventor Phil Ventrello has to say about his self-defense device:

I’m a licensed self-defense instructor, and I firmly believe everyone should have the ability, and the confidence, to fight back against an attacker.

 Over the years, I have encountered victims of rape or other criminal violence.  Sadly, those victims came to me for help after they had already been victimized. Unfortunately, that’s far too late. The damage is done, and many are still plagued by that terrible incident.

 I was so disgusted with innocent people being harmed that I felt compelled to create a self-defense product that just about anyone can use for protection. So, I combined my skills as both a martial artist and a graphic designer and invented a unique personal safety accessory – the MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain!

 MUNIO can protect you easily, instinctively, and effectively… and overcomes the impractical disadvantages of other self-defense products … it is also attractive, innocent, and appealing… so you’ll actually want to carry it with you…empowering you with a safety advantage!


My thoughts:

When I was given the opportunity to try out the designer MUNIO self-defense keychain, I was intrigued because of its low-tech simplicity. It consists of a key fob and three keychains attached to it. The fob itself comes in different designs to suit your tastes.

This device is designed to be low-tech and easy to use.
Photo credit: Dee Dean

This accessory is ergonomically designed to fit and hold right in the middle of your hand. With it positioned that way, MUNIO works two ways as a defense tool. The point can be used to strike the closest part of an attacker’s body. Or the attacker can be whipped in the face with the force generated by the long keychain and keys to disable them and give you time to get away.


I was impressed by the instinctive feel to this small and lightweight self-defense tool. Immediately when you grip MUNIO, it is ready for action. 

In addition, MUNIO is is safe around kids and pets ( no risk of accidental chemical discharge or shock), and it’s easy to carry.

The only drawback that I have found is a tiny one. The keychain is just a bit long for when the keys are in ignition, and it grazes my knee while driving. Nevertheless, that is inconsequential, and the safety advantage far outweighs this minor inconvenience. {UPDATE: I found this out from the company, “You don’t have to keep all three of your rings on there, you can remove one or two. If you remove at least one ring, that should help, and you can remove another if you like – it will still have enough range of motion to do the trick!” :)}

*I have to point this out as well: MUNIO as a company is committed to empowering people. Their website is very helpful and informative, and they even have a place to sign up for self-defense workshops. 

While I have not yet had a real-life situation demand the use of MUNIO ( and I pray that I never will), I definitely feel more empowered for my own safety. Yep, this is a pretty cool and inexpensive device that can put you in a better position to defend yourself. I think that it would make a very practical Christmas gift, for yourself and for those you love 🙂

Here’s to a safety advantage,

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