Refreshing Review: Is Genesis History? documentary 

Last night was special night for me. As a Christian and one who really enjoys science,  I was eager to see this documentary, Is Genesis History?  with my 16-year-old daughter. We purchased our tickets online a week and a half prior to the showing date and I marked my calendar with excitement 🙂 We entered the theater and took our seats and watched the room fill up with fellow movie-goers. It was a full house for this one-night event.

Without giving away ALL that was put forth in the film, I will attempt to share briefly my thoughts and feelings about the film itself and my experience with it.  I will lead with this: The documentary was more than I expected in most regards, and less than I expected in a couple of areas.  Allow me to share:
Is Genesis History? made the case for Creation well. I personally receive the Bible as God’s Word on how the world was created and Who created it. Nevertheless, Dr. Tackett and his team took time to look at the pieces of the scientific evidence that we have and to analyze them in context with how the Bible lays out the account of creation. He brought in pieces from various disciplines of study to help illustrate what God says in the text of His Word, and it was beautifully done.
This film Spoke to my heart. It not only helped to correct my way of thinking in some points, but it made me see that science and the Bible are not at odds with one another. The scientific evidence backs what the Bible says. And I learned how to express the information and data that was presented in a clear fashion.

Photo credit: Is Genesis History

Dr Del Tackett was the perfect narrator for this film. Gentle and humble in his narration, his approach, and his interviews were easy to entreat and easy to follow.

The interviews with Dr Tackett and his colleagues were enlightening and enjoyable.
Dr. Tackett engaged these experts in geology, paleontology, Hebrew, astronomy and marine biology (to name a few) in conversations while standing in vast venues such as the Grand Canyon.  Those places were such wonderful locations to have conversation about creation and Genesis! Furthermore, where the experts could have been incredibly complex in their conversation, they chose to communicate their expertise in such a way that all who were in the theater, youngest to oldest, could grasp the information.

Photo credit: Is Genesis History

The documentary helped to make the connections in the Word of God that I had been looking for and longing for. So much was presented and shared that I had to take notes from what I heard, right there in the theater. (I’m a homeschooling mom, and I wanted to have some accurate talking points for my daughter and me.) Again, I learned how to express the information and data that was presented with clarity and accuracy.
The cinematography was gorgeous. We saw some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world on the big screen as we digested the narrative of Genesis that Dr. Tackett explored. For this reason alone, my daughter and I were grateful to have seen it on the big screen instead of just on our television set.

Photo credit: Is Genesis History

With all that I did enjoy, I need to take a moment to express my disappointment about one thing. For all my excitement about what was shared, I was greatly dissatisfied with the way the information was presented to the audience. Allow me to explain. Towards the end of the documentary, I became keenly aware that something was missing in the presentation: I had not seen one woman or person of color anywhere in the documentary. Nowhere. How could that be? I was baffled. As an African-American woman (and a co-pastor of a multiethnic congregation), I am quite certain that there are experts in every field mentioned in the film who are female and/or of other ethnicities. Why were they not included in the conversation? The brothers in Christ who were chosen to be onscreen were great, and I don’t want to take anything away from them. But couldn’t this film have gone a (very necessary) step further and included a cast that was more reflective of the rich diversity in the body of Christ? I would have loved for my daughter to have seen herself represented in someone there in the film last night; unfortunately, she did not.

Do I still love the documentary? Absolutely. In fact, I hope that Dr. Tackett and his team will do more documentaries of this caliber, and that we will get to hear from others around the globe who can weigh in on the splendor of God’s creation. I deeply appreciate both his expertise and his passion to help us as Christians to have a solid biblical worldview foundation. His labor of love in this project was worth seeing last night, and I look forward to having Is Genesis History? in my personal video library to refer to often. Thank you Dr. Tackett for this profound film!


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