Family Fun Day…at Disneyland Paris!

Our family fun day at disneyland paris 2015!

Yes…we went to Disneyland Paris for Family Fun Day, aaahhh!!

IMG_7350.JPG IMG_7342.JPG IMG_7340.JPG

June 29th is known in my family as Family Fun Day, in honor of my mom who passed on to Glory in 2008. That date is her birthdate, and it is a day that our whole family remembers her fun and youthful spirit 😉 to read more, check out my blog post from last week here.

I can’t tell you what it meant to be able to visit DLP together as a family! I’m grateful to God …and to my hubby for working to make it happen and really be excited about us going.

From the time we arrived until the time we left, I was a giddy mess, lol so for those who haven’t been yet (or for those who haven’t been in a while), here are some photos from our special day:


Catching the DL Paris Express:

IMG_7199.JPG IMG_7200.JPG


Walking past World of Disney and into Walt Disney Studios:

IMG_7239.JPG IMG_7250.JPG


a little bit Hollywood:



The hat is still here, along with the kiddos from Peter Pan:




My Rockin’ Roller Coaster riders:



My teens and Gigantic Buzz:



A little shopping:



Disneyland Hotel at the front of the park:




And a pretty castle:

IMG_7361.JPG IMG_7386.JPG


It really is a small world:

IMG_7373.JPG IMG_7374.JPG


A parade crowd:




and a giant Stitch 😉




It’s fun to be a VA blogger 😉

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  1. Avatar Raquel C. says: Reply

    I can only imagine how excited you and you family were! Such a blessing:-). Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      we so were, Raquel! I can’t wait for you all to go…special times, special place 🙂

  2. The hotel looks gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing time!

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      We surely did, Lani!

  3. Love these pictures! So happy you were able to go!

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      Thank you, my friend! It was truly and amazing experience 🙂 Hope you all get to go!

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