I vacationed at Disney World for a week…& didn’t gain weight! Here’s what I did to keep things in check

This past year, I have been working more intentionally on making improvements to my overall health (check out my fitness journey with Noom here). And so I upped my fitness game even more in November. I knew this vacation was coming up, and so I wanted to get in a good groove of consistent exercise and eating mindfully before we went. What I didn’t want to do was to gain weight while at Disney. I wanted my hard work to continue to pay off!

So, in preparation I weighed myself before I left: 182.4 lbs. We went to Disney World for a week as a family, had big fun and enjoyed our meals together. I weighed myself upon returning: 182.4 lbs. A BIG win for me! I am used to putting on 3-5 lbs on vacation, so to have a zero gain proved to me that my plan worked.

My beautiful family on vacation at Disney World!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

A Few Important Thoughts

First let me say this: I don’t live or die by the scale, not at all. However, the scale does help me mark progress if I use it wisely.

Let me also say this: I did NOT deprive myself. I ate what I wanted, in moderation, including a few sweets and (dare I say) fried foods 🙂 My family and I chowed down on a funnel cake, as well as gingerbread shingles from Grand Floridian. So, I was not eating just rabbit food all week for sure! Here is what is DID do.

How I Didn’t Gain Weight at Disney World

  • I exercised consistently. Of course, walking is inherent in a visit to the Parks, and lots of it. In addition, I did a couple of 10 – 15 minute workouts on our off days, just to keep my body in the groove of total body movement. I did them in our villa, and I used a minimal amount of space. {My favorite workout queen is Pahla B and her workouts are great, especially for a woman of my age.}


  • I made use of a step tracker. Needless to say, my steps added up…to over 22 miles in about 5 days!! It helped me to know that I was getting in a LOT of steps, and that kept me motivated to stick to my plan.


  • Drinking plenty of water was crucial. Staying hydrated helped me to be at my best and to stay alert and go the distance.


  • I used sandwich baggies and gallon sized baggies for my snacks. It was so nice to reach into my backpack and pull out MY favorite go-to snacks instead of having to rely on what was available at the parks. And then there is the fact that I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for something!


  • I tried my best to stick to giving my body 12 hours of no food while sleeping (intermitent fasting). Once I ate my last meal of the day, I tried not to eat breakfast until I was past that 12 hour mark, something that I have started doing at home to reduce insulin production all the time in my body.


  • I ate my favorite sweet treats! I savored and enjoyed the treats that I wanted: gingerbread shingles, dole whip, and small bites of chocolate. Like I said earlier, I did not deprive myself!


  • We cooked our own food when we weren’t in the Parks. My family and I stayed off-property at Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas, about 10 minutes from Disney. Our lovely place had a full kitchen, and we made use of it to keep ourselves well fed. We shopped at the local grocery store and cooked 1-2 meals per day in our villa. This really helped me to watch my portions and know that I was fueling my body well.

In the end, I think that it took a combination of small strategies to not sabotage my fitness progress. I am also grateful that I asked for some tips from some helpful folks in a FB group that I belong to. They suggested some simple steps to take to help yield the results that I wanted.

Have you ever gone to Disney while working on fitness goals? What did you do that kept you on target? I’d love to hear your tips as well! 


Keep on making progress,

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