A Customized Dress? Yes Please!

I needed a dress. I found one...that fits me like a glove!

This dress, y’all. This custom fit dress from Eshakti.

It just arrived today, after a 2-week wait. So worth the wait indeed!

I am so excited because it fits so well and it’s made of both all- cotton AND stretch, my favorites. I entered my measurements on my account on the site, and I chose from the massive selection of styles and hem lengths there.

I’m so tickled to have a comfortable and good looking dress…with big pockets! ✨? Would you wear more dresses if you knew they would fit well? I think this will be the first of many that I order ???


2 Replies to “A Customized Dress? Yes Please!”

  1. Pockets on a dress are everything! I’ve got to order a custom dress for the amazing fit.

    1. My daughter feels the same way about pockets! Let me know if you give them a try and how you like the dress 🙂

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