Core Integrations: holding my head up

{ I was given this program for the purposes of use and review, and this post contains affiliate links. All opinion expressed are my own ;-)}

I am learning just how important it is to hold my head up.

I’m not talking about being proud of who I am and proud of my body, although that certain is a part of my tummy rehab process. No, I’m talking about the physical act of holding my at the proper angle when I sit, work on the computer, walk, and run.

Core Integrations from the Tummy Team is giving me the extra information and techniques that I need to integrate core fitness into my everyday life. This program is not about progressive steps like Core Foundations, but it IS about increasing the tools in your tool belt to move well and effectively with your body. I am learning how to train myself to feel when I am holding my body correctly, whether I am sitting, standing, walking, or running.

And this is why I have learned that holding the weight of my head properly – long, lean, and lifted – helps me walk better and run better. Furthermore, the little adjustments that I PRACTICE consistently will make me feel better and give my core the optimal posture for healing. Kelly Dean and the Tummy Team believe in “systematically retraining the muscles to do what they were intended to do and facilitating the body to use the muscles that way.  It is a lifestyle.” Boom…enough said.

So that is where I am, practicing an active awareness of my core and my body. I am hovering over the Functional Integration section of this program for a moment. Steps for the long-haul is what I’m after, and I am getting there 😉

Getting stronger everyday,



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  1. Avatar Gloria Dean says: Reply

    You may want to add tucking in abdomen and buttocks while holding head up. Good posture works wonders, but requires work. Just read where these tucks equal sit ups and are easier to accomplish the same results.

    1. Avatar Denedriane Dean says: Reply

      Yes indeed! I haven’t done a crunch in over 15 years. What you suggested is part of this program and the one before it that I finished earlier in the year.

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