Continuing #TummyRehab: The Tummy Team’s Core Integrations

As many of you who follow me on this blog know, I just finished some much needed tummy rehab in January of this year. This was due to dealing with a diastasis recti which occurred after the birth of my first child, over 19 years ago. It was such a blessing to be able to do the Tummy Team’s Core Foundations online program for some dedicated rehabilitation on my core muscles and functionality. {You can read a review of that program from Kelly Dean here.}

So I was excited a few weeks ago when I was given the opportunity to do the follow-up program that Kelly just began offering at the end of 2014, aptly called Core Integrations. This is something that I need!

The goal of this new program is to help integrate all that we learned in the first program into our everyday living, and more. I am so impressed by all the videos and information that Kelly has provided for us! And unlike Core Foundations, this program is set up so that there is less (read: no) handholding and direction weekly, no weekly handouts and steps to follow. This time around, we can explore the information in any order, and we can spend extra time on the techniques and exercises that help us the most.

I invite you to follow me here on the blog and with the hash tag #tummyrehabPt2 as I experience Core Integrations. If you are currently doing this program too, please let me know in the comments below!

Looking forward to getting even stronger,


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