Clairol does it well again with their new Flare!


I’m a bit of a self- proclaimed hair chameleon.

I have worn my hair in its natural texture for many years, and I enjoy playing around with it. I have grown it out, cut it shorter than my husband’s hair, and I have sported several different shades of color. And by far, playing with the color is one of my favorite ways to change it up!

That being said, since I wear a short tapered style, it has been easy to learn from my stylist, Lisa, how to mix and apply the color myself. And my favorite mix-it-in-the-bowl brand has been Clairol for several years.

Clariol just recent launched a new line of vibrant colors for all shades of hair, and they called it Flare:

With the coming of fall, I decided that my new color would need to be a rich burgundy/berry color. I chose Ultraviolet, a medium intensity violet red.

As usual, the mixing of the color in the tube and the 20-volume developer was easy because the mix is a 1:1 ratio. Once I got it mixed well, I applied it to my hair and left in on for 40 minutes (to make sure my sporadically spaced grey hairs were covered). When I first applied it, it was a copper-red color. By the time I needed to rinse it out, the shade was a rich berry intensity.


The result on my hair was a deep violet, and since I knew it would lighten up just a bit after a few washes, I was very satisfied with the shade I had chosen:



My only complaint, if you will, is that the color made my hair a bit dry. I took extra steps to deep condition and apply moisture daily, and that has restored the moisture balance. Other than that, I had a flawless experience with the new Flare color line from Clairol, and I will be purchasing it again…stay tuned!

Ready for fall,


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