Looking For Gift Ideas? Refreshing Talk’s Christmas Gift Guide 2016 is Here!


For 2016, I am doing something a little different. For the past two years I’ve put together my end of the year Christmas gift guide. I have enjoyed sharing products that I like as potential gifts for Christmas. This year, I am going to give you all a Christmas gift idea roundup!

You will get to see a photo of  an item that I have reviewed this year (everything from music to movies to books and beauty goodies), and I will give you a small blurb about it. Then I’ll include a link to the full post so that you can benefit from more information/my opinion about the product. Sound like fun? Let’s jump right in!


We all could use a little help keeping up with our things! The Beagle from Powerstick is a small device that is easily attached and does just that!



Truthfully, Bloomsybox had me at fresh! Fresh, straight from farm to table flowers that is. And flowers that last a good while 🙂bloomsybox


I always need music that will speak to my spirit. Michael Stiles’ Breathe Life has given my spirit a lift:)Michael-Stiles-Breathe-Life


I love a good pair of sunnies. GEMM Eyewear offers a fly selection of sunglasses, and you can customize your pair with interchangeable gems on the side:GEMM-eyewear


I enjoy moving and stretching and getting strong. Laura Monica’s Wholyfit ART and GBP workouts are productive for the body AND the spirit!wholyfit-art-gbp


I had the privilege of reviewing two movies this year, both of which share the hope and love of God. The Reconciler is a film that speaks to God’s restoration and grace, and Fragile World explores brokenness and restoration in dealing with mental illness.Fragile-World



Two books stand out as my faves for this year because they gave me hope. I was blessed by Joyce Meyer’s Overload as she shares how to deal with stress, and Pastor Prince’s newest book, The Prayer of ProtectionOverload

Prayer of Protection
The newest book from Pastor Joseph Prince, The Prayer of Protection.
Photo credit: Dee Dean

I hope these ideas are helpful as you shop for family and friends this Christmas season. If you have any questions after checking out my reviews, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments. I would love to hear from you:)

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays!

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