It’s Here! The RT Christmas gift guide 2015 (with surprises!)

**This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a little money if you make a purchase using this them. Win for us both! Now on with the show… 🙂

This year has been amazing! I have had the opportunity to work with some really great brands and I’ve reviewed some fun and useful products. So, I want to put them all in this one post for you, my readers, to spark your thoughts on great Christmas gifts for your family and friends (and maybe drop hints for you!) Oh yes…DO stay until the end of the post for some surprises that you don’t want to miss!!



HERE WE GO! I have them grouped by categories for your convenience. Sit back, sip a cup of coffee (or tea), and enjoy!

For the runner in your life

It takes a while to find the right running shoe. When you do, you become extremely brand loyal. That is why Asics are my faves! My Asics help my run with these flat feet of mine, they have a wide toe box, and they are stylish to boot:

2015-03-16 08.59.49

And I love to mark my moments in running (or walking for that matter) with jewelry. Inspired Endurance has THE best pieces, especially charms and bangles like these:







For the Disney lovers

IMG_8302The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, 2nd editionAuthor Susan Veness has opened a treasure chest of secrets, and has given us a map to help connect us with the “magic”. In a fun and intelligent fashion, she opens our eyes to the special things in the parks that are the heart and soul of Walt Disney World 🙂






For a strong core and fitness enthusiasts

You  all know that I share a lot of my fitness journey here, as well as my healing from diastasis recti. Well, here are the companies that have helped me along the way, and I want to you to know about them too 🙂 Some of the companies have gift certificates available for purchase for a loved one..or for yourself!

The Tummy Team – This year, I have been tackling some comprehensive PT ONLINE to address core weakness, which can affect posture, strength, and overall health. Kelly and her team are amazing, and I have made some real strides in my recovery because of their fantastic regimens. For more information, read my reviews of Core Foundations and Core Integrations.

Mutu System and Both of these programs came into my life at a time when I was über frustrated with dealing with a diastasis recti.  At the time, I had been looking for ways to heal from this pregnancy injury for over 16 years. These programs (each one has a different approach to healing and care of your core, and I benefitted from both) gave me structure and focus on what I could do exercise-wise as I was healing up, and they both offer a community of support to help as you work through. I am in a better place, stronger and healthier, because of Mutu and Fit2b!

shazzy18Shazzy Fitness Shazzy is such a fun and energetic way to get your dance workout going! I enjoy dancing to hip hop music, but I found myself having to be extremely selective on what songs I used because of the words and sometimes suggestive lyrics. Shazzy Fitness offers fresh dance moves paired with Christian hip hop music to offer an uplifting, fun, and sweaty workout experience. I promise you will feel like to worked it out after even just one 10 minute session 😉

For the jewelry lovers

Lisadora – These hoop earrings at AMAZING because they give you the look of pierced without having to pierce your ears! I had keloid scars for a major portion of my adult life, and once they were removed, I couldn’t pierce again. Regular clips wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t doll up and wear earrings period ;-( And then God blessed me to find these…game changer in my life. Whether you have keloids or issues with your ear lobes that make it difficult to wear pierced earrings, these are wonderful earrings for you. They make hoops out of Sterling silver, and handcraft the dangles to wear with them, so you can change up the look for every outfit.

Inspired Silver has an amazing selection of jewelry, silver and otherwise:



For kids and family

unnamed-2Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9: This movie is so refreshing! Of course, I enjoyed the space theme of Galaxy Buck, being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Buck Rodgers/Etc fan and all 🙂 Also, I love anything that teaches kids how to know and trust the Lord, especially with light humor sprinkled in! In addition, the visual effect and puppetry are both entertaining and will keep children engaged throughout. Phil Vischer is very purposeful about what this movie is about, and the messages about God are straightforward and easily understood.


Bookroo : I wish that I had had this option when my children were younger! Bookroo is a monthly book subscription service that sends quality books right to your doorstep. And yes, these are quality books, hard cover and sturdily made.

board-books-packaging-4 (1) IMG_7576.JPG


TTD3_Cover101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up: Enjoying movies together is one of my family’s favorite things to do! While I didn’t have a comprehensive list of movies we wanted to see together when my kids were younger, I have found someone who does 🙂 Author Suzette Valle has compiled a must-see list of 101 movies for kids, and the list includes everything from Toy Story to Drumline to (of course) Star Wars!






For new moms

IMG_8843Mamaway Post-natal recovery and support belly band – The Mamaway postnatal belly band supports your uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine after child-birth by applying compression on the pelvic/ abdominal area to hold the expanded uterus wall, loose skin and muscles post birth, and assist your recovery in the core area. Can also be used to stabilize your abdominal area or as back support while breastfeeding or carrying their baby.





For the tech savvy folks in your life

PowerWireless_travelcase_compactPowerstick: This Canadian based company has a wide range of charging devices for all your gadgets. I reviewed their PowerWireless this summer, so feel free to check that out here. Their products are made in North America and are both sturdy and dependable. I have nothing but good things to say about their products and their service.



Omron Alvita wireless fitness tracker: The Alvita is SO handy! It fits in the palm of my hand. On the back, there is a sturdy metal clip that works like a gem at allowing you to clip it on my pants, my shorts, or even my purse strap. There is also an alternate back that comes in the package that allows you to just put the Alvita in your bag and track your movement that way.





22023335784_7a6c63cc24_oJoyBandThe JoyBand is a sleek little band that is adjustable and fits as snugly or as loosely as you desire. It comes with a USB that is removable and can be charged in a regular USB port on a desktop or laptop (or in a USB equipped wall plug). The JoyBand easily syncs with its own iOS or android app. Not only does it monitor steps, calories burned, and miles walked, but it monitors sleep activity as well. (It also doubles as an alarm clock!)


IMG_8396IntelliGLASS screen protector: The IntelliGLASS HD hardened screen protector is available for many smart devices, phones and tablets alike. The one for my iPhone 5C fits snugly like a glove. And yes, it is actual glass, and it is very thin and very strong 🙂







IMG_8920Exerly appExerly is like your exercise buddy who shows up and motivates you to fit in a quick burst workout (in your casual or formal wear) when you have just a minute in your day. I have used it for more than a month, and I love getting fit one minute at a time!







For the gals you know who love to smell good

Here are some of my new faves:

Spongelle bufferI won this anti-cellulite buffer, and I’m really enjoying it. It has a lovely, lightly scented body wash infused inside, so when you wet and squeeze it, it lathers up nicely. You rub the body wash onto your trouble spot with the soft side, and stimulate the skin with the other side which is slightly more abrasive (think: loofah). It is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in you hand…win!

IMG_8806 IMG_8807

Thymes and L’occitane offer bath and body products that I enjoy..and their scents last a long time on the body!






And now for a special surprise for you all…coupons and a giveaway! A few of the companies gave me discount codes just for you all:

Inspired Endurance – RUNBLOG for 10% off thru 12/31

Powerstick – THXDEE for 15% any purchase until 12/18

Spongelle – BBLOGGER20 for 20% off items on their website

And Susan Veness wanted you to have a chance to win her wonderful and informative book, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, 2nd edition – there will be 3 winners! (please share with your friends!):

Click here to view this promotion.

I hope that you have enjoyed checking out my recommendations. Please support these businesses (several are small family owned companies) …and tell them Dee sent you! 😉

Merry Christmas and have a great time shopping,



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