SpaceX Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch: A Nasa Social Experience to Remember! Part 1

Friends, I’m having a hard time putting this experience into words. So let me start by saying: IT WAS AMAZING!! This two-day Nasa Social event was something truly special. I saw so much and learned so much, and I met the most amazing people. I got the chance to be a true space enthusiast with […]

NASA, the Moon, and Mars: I learned so much at this #Moon2Mars event!

Wow, wow….WOW! I had the unique opportunity to spend a whole day at NASA Langley Research Center learning about the next steps in space exploration for NASA . There were about 15 of us there in the capacity of social media influencers covering the event. They were an amazingly diverse group of women & men, […]

Have you tried out the new Anchor?

I am not even sure how I came to know about Anchor just a couple of months ago, but I do believe that I received an email from Kim Garst about it (thanks Kim!).  I immediately went and downloaded it from the App store. Anchor is just about 3 months old now, I think.  Launched […]

Musings: Sadly, my love for the word “algorithm” is waning

There was a day when I was quite fond of the word “algorithm”. For one, the spelling of it, like the word “rhythm”, made me smile. Two, it put me in mind of mathematics, a discipline that I do love (math major here)<3 And thirdly, I just love the way Arnim Zola says it in Capt […]

What I Found this Week!

This has been an eventful week, and so my list for what I have found is a short (but good) one. Check out these gems!   There’s nothing like hearing about working for Disney from the inside, and so my friend Heidi at Heidi’s Head  reviews a book by a former college intern at Disney […]