No-Spoiler Review: “My Brother’s Keeper” addresses PTSD and more

{Many thanks to Collide Distribution for providing this product/product information for review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.} [GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – Thanks to all who entered!] PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a condition that […]

First Man: My First {no spoiler} Impressions

The Eagle has landed. But this telling of the story is different from any other movie about the first lunar landing that I have experienced. First Man is more than just a re-enactment of events. This film explores the emotional aspects and interpersonal relationships of Neil Armstrong, his wife and his fellow astronauts in the […]

Excellence Speaks: My Musings on Marvel’s Black Panther

I just feel compelled to take a moment and speak my piece on the phenom that is Marvel’s Black Panther. When I first heard that this Marvel movie was in the the works, I was excited. This would be the first time in my lifetime that a black superhero would headline a film about his […]

Movies Anywhere: A new way to access your digital movie collection

I like having my movie collection on my devices. But I find that I need to use 2-3 apps to access all of them: one for my Disney movies, another for my movies on Amazon, and so on. I’ve often thought that it would be handy to have one place to access my digital collection. […]

Fragile World: A poignant insight into brokenness and restoration


{I was given access to this film for the purposes of viewing and review. all opinions expressed are my own, and I hope that they are helpful! :)} Brokenness in one’s body is easily visible. Brokenness of the spirit and soul, however,  is not so easily seen. Yet, it is this area of  a human […]