Family Fun Day…at Disneyland Paris!

Our family fun day at disneyland paris 2015!

Yes…we went to Disneyland Paris for Family Fun Day, aaahhh!!    June 29th is known in my family as Family Fun Day, in honor of my mom who passed on to Glory in 2008. That date is her birthdate, and it is a day that our whole family remembers her fun and youthful spirit 😉 […]

Why June 29 is special to me

This may start of somber but I promise you that it will be good by the end 😉 My mom passed suddenly back in September of 2008. I am an only child, and so it was quite a gut-punch to lose the one parent that I had an actively and growing relationship with. It has […]

Mother’s day Week: Some of my favorite (and quirky!) memories of Mom

In this week leading up to Mother’s Day, I have decided to remember my mom on my blog in special ways. She has been a resident of Heaven since 2008, and I truly miss her…she will never be forgotten. So….one of my best memories of her is of her music. She LOVED some Anita Baker, […]

30 days of birthday gratitude!

Today begins my 30 days of thanks leading up to my birthday on April 30th. I have decided to hashtag it “#BirthdayBouquet” simply because everything I am grateful for is being mentioned as a rose to the Lord. At the end, on my birthday, I’ll give it to Him as my bouquet of much gratitude! […]