Saying farewell to Salamanca…was hard!

Goodbye was bittersweet. If you have been following the blog for the summer, you know that we spent 7 weeks in Salamanca, Spain as a family. We had an extraordinary experience there together, and it was unforgettable. We bonded even more as a family, we met amazing people, and we saw and experienced the beautiful […]

Why June 29 is special to me

This may start of somber but I promise you that it will be good by the end ūüėČ My mom passed suddenly back in September of 2008. I am an only child, and so it was quite a gut-punch to lose the one parent that I had an actively and growing relationship with. It has […]

Help…I need to organize my digital photos!

Okay readers, I am reaching out. Like many of you, I enjoy taking photos on my iPhone. It is awesome to have the technology to capture the moments that mean so much. However, keeping up with getting them off my phone and catalogued on the computer has become a bit overwhelming! I have yet to […]