Getting Ready for 50: Going For the Gray

There are some things that take me a while to ponder: major life decisions, travel plans, redecorating my office, etc.  However, it took me only a few minutes today to decide to pursue a new journey with my hair…I’m going to embrace (all) my grey. Why did I decide to go this route? (The biggie) […]

Refreshing thought: Managing the moving parts of your life

Daily living can be interesting, to say the least. Many of us need to navigate through a lot of different things that come our way. How do you handle the many moving parts of your life? I like that phrase “moving parts”. It puts me in mind of a machine that has systems and doodads […]

The toaster, the flaming pop tart, and how I used a fire extinguisher

First, let me start by giving you the end of the story: all is well and no one or no-thing suffered damage, save one sad little blueberry pop tart. We thank the Lord because it could have gone differently. I want to make sure that the focus of the story is not on the flaming […]

We are back…and you’ll never guess from where!

It has been so hard to not say anything here online, but now I can finally let the cat out of the bag: my family and I are back from 7 weeks in Spain!   My husband had the opportunity of a lifetime to be the faculty member in residence for JMU’s summer semester in […]