Birthday month gratitude: Day 7

I’ve been away at an awesome women’s conference, so my posting has been on the back burner. Nevertheless, I’m back, and today I am thankful for being able to wear earrings again. I suffered with keloid scars on both ears for a couple of decades (a result of getting my ears pierced at 18), and […]

Flashback Friday from the archives: Life after keloid scars

This is one of my most favorite articles I have written. Ever. It’s from July of 2011…enjoy! Hola all! For the first time in my life since age 18, I am living keloid-free…and I praise God for it! For those of you who are unfamiliar with keloids, please let me explain them to you. Keloids […]

For those who can’t wear pierced earrings….

Hola chicas! I am one of those who cannot wear pierced earrings due to past (thank you, Lord, they are past) keloid issues. {If you would like to read my keloid scar journey, you can check it out here.} I found a great place to buy the coolest earrings that look like they are pierced, […]

For those who have issues with metal jewelry…

If you are like me, you really enjoy wearing rings (I tend to think that my hands were made to be adorned with standout pieces of jewelry!)  In fact, I prefer to wear my wedding band on my left hand, and a super, fashionista-esque ring on my right. Nevertheless, I sometimes have to take a […]