Personal Growth

via IFTTT Got a fresh new haircut yesterday, just a few hours before my hubby’s annual Christmas social event for work. In years past, I would have serious considered not debuting a new look in front of so many people so soon. I would have needed (wanted) a few days to acclimate. But not this […]

A Customized Dress? Yes Please!

I needed a dress. I found one...that fits me like a glove!

This dress, y’all. This custom fit dress from Eshakti. It just arrived today, after a 2-week wait. So worth the wait indeed! I am so excited because it fits so well and it’s made of both all- cotton AND stretch, my favorites. I entered my measurements on my account on the site, and I chose […]

I’m a Runner-Up, Yay! 

I’ve never entered any type of fitness challenge before. Ever. So would you believe that the first one I DO enter, I am selected as a runner up in my category? Pretty cool! ?? It was a 60 Day T-Tapp challenge, and I did it from Feb 15 to April 15. I had just ordered […]