400 Years of History Comes Alive in Hampton Virginia!

{I was hosted by The Hampton CVB for this visit to Hampton. All opinions expressed are my own. I hope you enjoy!} The year is 1619. Two very significant events take place in Virginia. The Virginia House of Burgesses convenes its first assembly in Jamestown in the month of July. And in the following month […]

Commemorating 400 Years of African Impact

As a child growing up in Hampton, visits to Fort Monroe were commonplace. It was right up the road a little from where I lived, and it was very easy to get to. My memories of visiting the Fort included touring the Casemate Museum, as well as being in proximity to the esteemed Chamberlain Hotel. […]

9 Facts You May Not Know About Hampton, Virginia!

Growing up in Hampton, Virginia, I often had the opportunity to see many of the historical monuments and well-known establishments in my hometown. I visited many of them with my family, and also as a schoolchild on field trips with my classmates. I thought that I knew a lot about the city where I was […]