Looking For Gift Ideas? Refreshing Talk’s Christmas Gift Guide 2016 is Here!


For 2016, I am doing something a little different. For the past two years I’ve put together my end of the year Christmas gift guide. I have enjoyed sharing products that I like as potential gifts for Christmas. This year, I am going to give you all a Christmas gift idea roundup! You will get […]

It’s Here! The RT Christmas gift guide 2015 (with surprises!)

**This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a little money if you make a purchase using this them. Win for us both! Now on with the show… 🙂 This year has been amazing! I have had the opportunity to work with some really great brands and I’ve reviewed some fun and useful products. […]

Refreshing Talk Christmas Gift Guide: a few of my favorite things

{This Gift Guide is a compilation of my personal recommendations. I am not being paid to mention any of these products. I wanted to simply pass on ideas from products/services that I have personally used this year since they are that good. And yes, the post may contain affiliate links because I affiliate with things […]