I vacationed at Disney World for a week…& didn’t gain weight! Here’s what I did to keep things in check

This past year, I have been working more intentionally on making improvements to my overall health (check out my fitness journey with Noom here). And so I upped my fitness game even more in November. I knew this vacation was coming up, and so I wanted to get in a good groove of consistent exercise […]

The New Massanutten Resort Fitness and Rec Club

The new Fitness and Rec Club at Massanutten Resort is open for business!

Massanutten Resort has just officially unveiled the new Massanutten Fitness & Rec Club (MFRC)! The resort is beautifully positioned among the Blue Ridge and Massanutten mountain ranges, and MFRC offers some fabulous amenities: Nationally acclaimed fitness classes for all fitness levels Workout facility featuring Smith and cross cable machines, stretching area, treadmills, ellipticals, as well […]

Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker – My New Fitness Sidekick

{I received this device at a deeply discounted price in exchange for a review. All the opinions expressed are my own. Enjoy!} Welp, my prior fitness device (whose name I will refrain from mentioning here) has died. I have depended on that tracker for almost 2 years, and I’ve come to like knowing my steps, […]

Refreshing View: Dr. Oz Puts Power of Faith Front & Center With New Faithful Fridays Segment!

Does faith affect our well-being? Dr. Oz has long focused on “body, mind and spirit” as cornerstones of well-being. What role can faith play in that balance? Ask Dr. Oz and DeVon Franklin what they’ve learned about faith’s power in all aspects of life. As a believer in Christ, I myself can say unequivocally that […]