The Fog Isn’t So Scary Now..Here’s Why

I don’t like driving in fog. Not at all. In fact, it makes me a little bit tense when have to do it. Such was the case yesterday. As my daughter and I were driving to Charlottesville, we began to see the advisory signs that said “fog on the mountain”. It was an otherwise cloudless […]

Refreshing Review: Win From Within by John Gray III

{I received this book for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy! :)} I have heard Pastor John Gray preach for a few years now, thanks to watching him on TBN with my husband weekly. I know that he is a powerful minister with a quick wit and a “put-you-at-ease” personality as […]

Refreshing Review: No Limits by Dr. John Maxwell

Sometimes we get stuck in life. We don’t mean to, but we get comfortable where we are, or don’t believe that we can do and experience and give more. We just need to be encouraged and nudged to move forward. God is faithful to send someone to inspire and to speak to us and to […]

One-Night Event: Thursday FEB 23: “Is Genesis History?” Documentary Tackles Big Questions

On both sides, discussions of life’s origins quickly turn “us vs. them.” In the exciting new documentary, Is Genesis History?, Director Thomas Purifoy Jr. takes another road, making a positive case for the Book of Genesis as history based on specific, understandable evidence.  In the exciting new documentary, Is Genesis History?, Dr. Del Tackett (creator of The […]