Review: MamaWay Post-natal Recovery & Support Belly Band

{I was given this product for the purposes of usage and review. All opinions expressed are mine alone :-)} Let me just say this: I did not just have a baby. Nope, in fact, I birthed my last of the Dean tribe over 15 years ago. So why would I be trying out a post-natal belly […]

The Tummy Rehab Chronicles part 3

I was having a moment, feeling a little glum about my tummy rehab. I have been working on this tummy situation for more than 15 years, off and on, and I wasn’t seeing the results that I thought I should be seeing by now. {Read: closure of my DR, and a nice tight tummy area. […]

Core Integrations: holding my head up

{ I was given this program for the purposes of use and review, and this post contains affiliate links. All opinion expressed are my own ;-)} I am learning just how important it is to hold my head up. I’m not talking about being proud of who I am and proud of my body, although […]