Refreshing Review: Is Genesis History? documentary 

Last night was special night for me. As a Christian and one who really enjoys science,  I was eager to see this documentary, Is Genesis History?  with my 16-year-old daughter. We purchased our tickets online a week and a half prior to the showing date and I marked my calendar with excitement 🙂 We entered the […]

Refreshing View: Dr. Oz Puts Power of Faith Front & Center With New Faithful Fridays Segment!

Does faith affect our well-being? Dr. Oz has long focused on “body, mind and spirit” as cornerstones of well-being. What role can faith play in that balance? Ask Dr. Oz and DeVon Franklin what they’ve learned about faith’s power in all aspects of life. As a believer in Christ, I myself can say unequivocally that […]

Movies Coming Soon in 2017: The Star, a Faith & Family Film!

The Star is an animated film that tells the story of Christmas from a unique perspective!

Okay yall, I’m excited about this one. On the list of movies coming soon in 2017: The Star, a faith and family animated film! Brief overview:  Making good on its commitment to increase output while continuing to offer its distinctive mix of family and faith films, Sony Pictures Animation announces the upcoming release of  THE […]

Refreshing Review! The Prayer of Protection, Joseph Prince

{I was given a copy of this book for the purposes of reading and review. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy :)} Wars. Rumors of wars. Sickness and disease. Racial tensions that explode. Financial ups and downs. These are just some of the situations that we face or hear about every day. How are we […]

Fragile World: A poignant insight into brokenness and restoration


{I was given access to this film for the purposes of viewing and review. all opinions expressed are my own, and I hope that they are helpful! :)} Brokenness in one’s body is easily visible. Brokenness of the spirit and soul, however,  is not so easily seen. Yet, it is this area of  a human […]