Car Buying & Selling, Car Maintenance Advice..and MUCH more at! is a helpful one stop shop for all of your vehicle buying and care needs!

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Researching for a new family vehicle is hard work. How did we ever do this before the internet??

My family and I were in the market for a new vehicle this past summer, and the process involved a LOT of comparison shopping, both online and off. We visited websites of several dealerships, talked to a few via email, and visited one (and hour away) in person. We finally made a choice for the vehicular addition to our family, but I have to say….

A site like makes the legwork quite a bit easier 🙂

Buy from dealerships or private owners through
Buy from dealerships or private owners through

So, I discovered that is like the Walmart of car sites. Basically, it is a one-stop shop for most of what a customer needs when shopping for a car (new or used) servicing a vehicle, or selling/trading a car. Whew! Let me break down a little of what they offer online:

Buying a car:

  • You can search for a particular make and model, new or used
  • You get to see the car and full description, complete with plenty of photos from many angles
  • They offer a search radius tool to show the vehicles that are available near you
  • Check out what cars are for sale by private owners

This is a great place to make initial contact with the dealership(s) of your choice (or private sellers), and the site shows the customer review ratings of each dealership as well.

Selling/Trading a car:

  • How to create a classified ad
  • Find your car’s real value
  • Practical ways to prepare your car for the selling process offers articles on what documents to have together before you sell, as well as helpful tips for taking the best photos of the car for potential buyers to see.

Chrysler pacifica is a sporty and roomy minivan

Service and Repair of your vehicle:

  • Finding a service estimate
  • Safety and recall notices
  • DIY – simple ways to service your own car at home

Here, you can find basic information for car maintenance, such as how often to rotate the tires, and the frequency of fluid changes. This is a win for both seasoned car owners and new car owners alike 🙂


  • Help for first-time buyers
  • Car comparisons and reviews
  • Recent auto shows

Being able to see information through videos is so helpful to the car buying/selling/ servicing experience for sure. In addition, has video and an article for performing child car seat checks properly. I don’t know about you, but when I had small kids, I did the best I could to secure their car seats in the backseat, but it was always a bit of a guessing game as to if I was doing it 100% correctly. Having a video to go by and articles to read (in one central location on this site) are invaluable tools!

I am really impressed that offers MUCH more than a way to buy or sell a vehicle. They have taken the time to assemble information on their site that helps you to better care for the vehicle that you currently have and answer everyday questions. And, as with the car seat check articles & videos, they help you care for the precious people who ride in your car as well <3.  I encourage you to check out the website…and the app too!

Happy car shopping and more,

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