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{I was given the opportunity to have this album in exchange for listening and a review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I hope that my review is helpful to you!:)}

Recent days have been challenging for us all. News of ongoing violence and injustice can way heavy on our hearts…I know that it does on mine. In times like these (especially) I look to the Lord to stabilize, encourage, and revive my heart and my mind. I rely on the scriptures in the Word of God to speak His life to me, I trust Him to breathe His life into my own.

Now encouragement from the Bible can come in several ways. I can read it for myself or I can listen to someone read it to me. I can read a book that helps to expound upon the Scriptures so that I better understand them. And then there is scripture-based music that reminds me of what God is saying, and I can remind my own soul as I sing the lyrics.


This is where the new release, Breathe Life, enters my life. I was in need of some refreshing in my heart, and this album was a Godsend in such a timely fashion!  This compilation from musician and worship leader Michael Stiles is his second, and it just hit iTunes/Google Play last month. You can find out more about Michael and his music here:!about/c10fk

Breathe Life has a light pop/country feel, and it’s easy to sing along with. Like I mentioned before, the lyrics are scriptural truths of the Word of God, and so you get enjoyable music AND rock solid truths on which my/your soul can anchor. This is what I really like: Michael’s singing and the melody of the songs drive the music, not heavy music in the background. {While I enjoy a strong bass and back beat, I don’t need or want to hear that all the time.} Michael does a great job of blending the instrumental sounds just right:) Some of my favorites include:

Live Love

One and Only God (this one has a nice bit of light banjo work blended in!)

The title track, Breathe Life in Me

Matthew 6

Jesus Paid It All (For Me), a great update on the classic hymn

I’m very much enjoying Michael’s music, and Breathe Life is doing just that for me: breathing God’s life over mine. I am a worship leader as well, and these songs are so refreshing to my spirit. {I hope that you come out with tracks for this album, Michael, so that we can sing some of these in church!:)}

You can also find and interact with Michael Stiles here:


I hope that you take time to check out Breathe Life and purchase it for yourself via iTunes or Google Play. It’s honest music from the heart that lifts Jesus higher…enjoy!
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