A new name…let’s use it!

We have a new name for an old street in Harrisonburg:


The renaming of this street was hard-fought, due in large part to local resident and activist, Pastor Stan Maclin. I am grateful to have seen this come to pass in our community!

Now that the street has been renamed, let’s take the next step and upgrade our vernacular to reflect the change. When we refer the this street, we should make a conscious effort to say “Martin Luther King Jr. Way” or “MLKJr Way”. Let’s refrain from letting the name of degenerate to just “Old Cantrell.” While we honor the history of the street with remembering what it was called, let’s move forward with the new chapter of this road. It speaks to the future of the street, as well as that of the community.

Traveling on MLKJr Way!


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  1. Powerful reminder , that once We Together acomplish something, Let’s Not Stop!

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