A fresh take: Cal-EZ powdered calcium supplement

{I received this wonderful product for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my very own..enjoy:)}

Like many women, I know that I need more consistent sources of both Calcium and vitamin D. I think that it is a challenge for many of us to get it from our food only. Furthermore, if we do take supplements, calcium pills are notoriously HUGE, making them a turnoff to have to take everyday.

img_9970 Enter Cal-EZ. I was so grateful when this company reached out to me because I was definitely looking to improve the nutrition piece of my fitness journey. When I looked up Cal EZ and saw that it was a powder, not a pill, I was immediately on board.

Cal-EZ  comes in these small and convenient packets. The powder is made from calcium carbonate, the most studied form of calcium. And this formulation gives calcium AND vitamin D, which makes calcium absorption much more effective in the body. {Incidentally, a large number of women are also deficient in vitamin D, so this serves that need as well.}



From the site: On-the-go Cal-EZ supplement packets provide a quick single serving of your daily dose of calcium/vitamin D in a fast absorbing powder. Add this flavorless and easy dissolving powder to your morning coffee, smoothie, protein shake, yogurt, water, soup and more!

I was determined to see if the claims were true, so I first put a packet in my cup of coffee. The fine powder made it look like I had just added creamer, it dissolved completely, and did not alter the taste of my morning java…yay 🙂













I also tried it out in my OJ, and nothing looked different:












Incidentally, you can get dose over several meals: just use 1/2 in morning, 1/2 at lunch or such 🙂

I actually look forward to using this supplement each day. Cal-EZ is very easy to incorporate into my daily routine, and so I know that I will be consistent in using it…WIN. It dissolves well and there is no annoying aftertaste. And the best thing: NO MORE horse pills…so happy!

For more information on this calcium and vitamin D supplement, click here to check out their website:


If you have tried it, let me know your thoughts 🙂

Here’s to good nutrition the easy way!

~ Dee



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  1. Avatar sandra martinez says: Reply

    I am looking for the page cause I want to order some

    1. Hi Sandra! They rebranded in 2018 as Fit Formula Wellness, and here is the link: https://fitformulawellness.com/tag/cal-ez/

    2. Thanks for stopping by and asking!

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