3 great items to have on your travels abroad!

{I received the Powerstick PowerWireless charger for the purposes of use and review; the other items are my own..and so are all my opinions;-)}

Powerstick PowerWireless This device was invaluable for this trip! Not only can this one charge phones, but tablet devices as well. It really is heavy-duty. There were many weekend where we were out touring museums and palaces that my phone was in heavy usage and needed a charge as we rode the bus from one place to the next. Not only was I able to get a full charge for my phone in about an hour, but I was able to charge up my son’s phone simultaneously as well. And I used the PowerWireless more than once before having recharge the whole block. Easy to use, dependable, and quick…3 words that come to mind for this powerful device! 5 out of 5 happy thumbs:

IMG_7069.PNG   IMG_7064.JPG
Tevas. I would not have made it thru without my Teva Numas! These sports sandals supported my flat feet pretty well. We walked at least 4 to 5 miles each day, and I was able to do it comfortably in these shoes. I even paired them up with my summer dress for our evening events 😉

My Eddie Bauer backpack.  The Rippac Traveler Packable Daypack  was my backpack, purse, and travel buddy. Like most moms, my bag was the one that everyone’s extra things fit into. While my family took turns carrying it for me, it nevertheless went everywhere with us: walking around the city of Salamanca, on the coach bus for several hours, to art museums, palaces, and cathedrals all over Spain. It carried extra clothing, snack, portable chargers, shoes, and bottled waters. My daughter also used her Adventurer Pack to carry her photography equipment and other items!

What are your travel go-to items? I’d love to hear what works for you 😉

Traveling smart,


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