Refreshing Travels: The Deans cruise Alaska, Wow!

Did I ever imagine that we would take a cruise to Alaska as a family? Only in my wildest dreams! Dreams really do come true, and we were so blessed to have been able to see a little bit of The Last Frontier this past August. If you ever have dreamed about doing a trip […]

Refreshing thought: Managing the moving parts of your life

Daily living can be interesting, to say the least. Many of us need to navigate through a lot of different things that come our way. How do you handle the many moving parts of your life? I like that phrase “moving parts”. It puts me in mind of a machine that has systems and doodads […]

Fragile World: A poignant insight into brokenness and restoration


{I was given access to this film for the purposes of viewing and review. all opinions expressed are my own, and I hope that they are helpful! :)} Brokenness in one’s body is easily visible. Brokenness of the spirit and soul, however,  is not so easily seen. Yet, it is this area of  a human […]